Aegolius was an Ancient Owl, creator of the automatons (like Alphonse and Molstrom) and co-creator of the Hex Machine, along with Noctae.

Trivia Edit

  • In the game files, Aegolius's sprite sheet is named "solusAncestor."
  • He is named after a genus of small owls. [1]

Aegolius's Talk Edit

…This is Aegolius.

Noctae… is gone.

One of my automatons went amok.

I had it destroyed, but now…

I’ve lost my only friend… and the genius behind the Hex Machine.

…It’s too complicated.

Noctae’s schematics for the Hex Machine, and his theorems on the Loop…

…My own machine is only a pale imitation.

This is the best I have been able to come up with.

…I redid the calculations.

The chances of catastrophic failure of the Hex Machine are enormous.

If it fails, the planet will never look the same again.

Countless lives lost… and more lives ruined.


Those are the odds of success and failure.


And yet, if I don’t complete this task – Noctae’s life’s work..!

…Then my soul will die along with him.

…I have decided to lie to the other owls.

I will not tell them of the danger.

The Hex Machine WILL be built. The Loop WILL be broken.

You, my descendant… You will be my backup plan.

I will guide one with my crest to this place to listen to these words.

Do not be alarmed. That is within my ability.

Take the clues I have left behind here and follow them.

I only ask…

…I only ask that you tell no-one.

No-one must know that I, weakest among the owls, and the disgrace of our kind…

…Risked the doom of our world.

People must be able to trust each other, even in a world with monsters like me.

Good luck.

And Noctae… I’m sorry…

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