Asio is a supporting character in Owlboy. He serves as Otus' mentor. 


Asio is Otus' mentor. He hand picked Otus as his student for unspecified reasons. He also serves as the protector of Vellie.


Asio is a tall, elder owl. He has dark brown hair and two yellow feathers protruding from his head. He wears a green vest with red cuffs, black pants and brown knee-high boots. He wears a black and white owl cloak on his back, giving him the ability of flight.


It seems that he is a very strict teacher, always blaming his student, Otus, for things that are out of his control. He doesn't even have a problem berating and humiliating Otus when he makes a mistake. As the protector of Vellie, he tries to protect the villagers from any harm, including Otus. Later on, Asio will call himself, as well as all the other Owls, frail, arrogant and short sighted.

Asio often comes across as cold and distant. He's blunt when he talks and is not afraid of expressing his opinions, even when it may hurt others. He is arrogant and doesn't like to admit it when he's wrong, often blinded by his pride as an owl.


Otus Edit

Asio is Otus' mentor. In the beginning, Asio had high expectations for Otus, and when Otus failed to meet his expectations he grew cold and distant towards him, becoming more and more agitated with his student's perceived ineptitude. It even grew to a point of where Asio saw no problem berating and humiliating his student, going as far as to call him a shame to their species, and a shame to him as a teacher.

Later in the game his relationship with Otus improves, as he swallows his pride and realizes that he had been treating his student poorly, refusing to listen to him and berating him for things that weren't his fault. He had only come to this realization after he endangered Otus in Advent and spent days brooding at the lookout point in Vellie by himself. He initially tried to ward Otus off, telling him to leave Vellie and hide so that he might live a bit longer, but then crumbles and scoops Otus into a hug, apologizing to him for everything that he said.

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Asio does not interact with Geddy much, however, he does at one point view Geddy as someone who enables Otus to slack off.

The Professor Edit

Asio and the professor have somewhat of an antagonistic relationship. When the professor tries to introduce Asio to a machine that would make updating the maps of the skies easier, Asio responds by saying that the machine was not needed because the owls were the ones who kept the maps up to date, and accused the professor of spitting on his heritage.

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  • Both Asio and Otus are named after the scientific name for the long-eared owl. [1]
  • A post from D-Pad Studio shows that surprisingly, some people tolerate Asio as a person despite his rough personality.[2]

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