Barbs are an enemy in Owlboy found in the Owl Temple.

Appearance Edit

Barbs look a bit like star-nosed moles, with large claws and a strange nose. They are white on their backs and stomachs, with brown on their sides and tail. They are covered in rocky-looking spikes.

Behavior Edit

Barbs will dig out from the walls and aim for Otus, leaping in an arc and digging back into the wall after hitting or missing him. They are invincible to hits until they are hit with a spin attack, after which they will be stunned and their weak point revealed by a target on their stomach.

Gauntlet Rooms Edit

A few screens after first being introduced to the enemy, there is a room where you can disturb a nest of Barb eggs. If you choose to do so, you will be attacked by a gauntlet of Barbs, but at the end your reward will be a chest full of Buccanary Coins.

Instruction Manual EntryEdit

A fiercely territorial creature, Barbs dig long tunnels underneath the ground, and have excellent hearing that lets them pinpoint the presence of prey above the soil. This lets them attack with great precision. Barbs are not actually mammals, and will defend their eggs with unparalleled ferocity. Seasoned explorers always stay far away from barb nests, but if push comes to shove, they have a soft spot on their bellies that you can target to keep yourself from harm.[1]


References Edit

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