Gawks[1] are one of the Monsters in Owlboy. It is one of the first enemies encountered, and can be found throughout most of the game.

Appearance Edit

Gawks are green, lumpy, spherical creatures with bat wings, one eye, and four legs.

Behavior Edit

Gawks can be found hanging off of a ceiling (sometimes obscured by the environment) or sometimes hiding on the ground (always obscured by the environment) until Otus approaches them. They will fly towards him and attempt to cause damage by contact. An "armored" version of Gawks can also be found in the game, which will resist blaster shots, but their armor can be knocked off with a spin attack.


There were two appearances of a yellow 'Pirate-Gawk': one in the boss fight against Alphonse, and the other in the Legendary Adventure Emporium. Both Dirk and Alphonse refer to her as "she" before the Alphonse fight. In the demo, Alphonse says her name is Juane, and her sprite sheet is still named as such.

Gauntlet Rooms Edit

There is a mandatory gauntlet room with Gawks in the Owl Temple. It consists of 4 waves of 3 Gawks each.

Instruction Manual Entry Edit

The most common enemy in Owlboy, Gawks are an ancient species that hunt in packs. Highly territorial, they will chase anything that comes close to their brood, and will sometimes ambush careless adventurers from hiding spots like bushes or waterfalls. You'll sometimes see Gawks together with their young, called Peeks. Although they are aggressive, Gawks will generally leave you be once you get out of their territory. As they sleep upside down, they often get covered in mud, which hardens to a mask.[2]

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