The Golden Disks are artifacts left behind by Aegolius, one of the Ancient Owls, in order to lead Otus to the Eternal Sanctuary. Once all three disks are collected, they must be placed in certain spots in order to open the way to the Eternal Sanctuary. Collecting all three unlocks the Ancient Memories achievement.

Disk Locations Edit

Owl Temple Edit

This one is the most visible of the three, but one of the trickier to get to. After the screen that you see it, go down a screen. In the bottom right corner of that screen, next to some purple vines, there is a hidden space behind the wall. Go through it, and make your way up the waterfall past the Wards.

Strato Edit

Go up until you find a screen with an arrow sign pointing up on the right, and some thorns to the left. Go through the thorns. Take the top left path once you get to the circling Spikeballs. There's a really pretty tree here too!

Floating Tower Edit

This one is the reason you can only access the Eternal Sanctuary once you've beaten the game. After going up one of the spinning platforms, there is an opportunity to go left or right (on an apparently useless floating rock). Left will take you onward, right will take you to the disk.

Placement Locations Edit

Tropos Edit

Two screens directly right of the Legendary Adventure Emporium.

Strato - Levigates Edit

Go up to the screen where you see the Levigates and go right when you see a square sign. Go right several more screens, past more Levigates and a waterfall. Go right at the top of the waterfall.

Strato - Spores Edit

Go back to the sign mentioned in the previous location. Fly to the top of that screen, and go left instead of right past the thorns. Make your way past the spore enemies.

Disk Text Edit

Each disk has a short cutscene with a few lines of text after you pick it up.

Owl Temple Edit

The lessons of history must be preserved.

Even when that history is a terrible one.

With this token, you hold the key.

Find me at the Sanctuary.

And you will see what once was.

And what became of our fragile dreams.

Strato Edit

The Guardians... and the Machines...

I, Aegolius of the owls, made them all.

With this token, you hold the key.

Come to the Sanctuary to see the glory of my accomplishment.

And learn of this mistake that I have wrought.

Floating Tower Edit

I see you...

Did my machines and theories break the Loop at last?

Did I break the world?

With this token, you hold the key.

The Sanctuary beckons you.

Give me the answers I, Noctae of the owls, have always sought.

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