Levigates are enemies from Owlboy that can be found in Strato.

Appearance Edit

Levigates have bony-looking, vaguely circular bodies, with two white spikes coming off either side of it. In the center of it is a black sphere with three red lights inside it, presumably eyes, and a spiky yellow appendage hanging off of it. Atop its head rests a pleasant looking red flower with a yellow center, and two leaves coming off of it.

Behavior Edit

Levigates travel in groups, floating in a line. When idle, they circle around one spot, but once they see Otus, they fly towards him. Each Levigate in the chain follows the path of the one in front of it, in location and in speed and direction of movement.

Instruction Manual Entry Edit

They may appear to be animals, but they are actually more like a flytrap, in that their hunting behavior is just a function of their physiology. They move towards warm targets indiscriminately, and will swarm together for safety. Most wildlife stays away from Levigates, but as they are unintelligent and have no ability to plan, they can be avoided with some clever maneuvering.[1]

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References Edit

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