Molts are an enemy in Owlboy that can be found in the Owl Temple and the Molten section of the Floating Continent.

Appearance Edit

Molts are vaguely lizard-shaped. They are mostly dark orange, with brown faces and legs, with two claws coming off each leg. They have three spikes coming off their backs, and some brighter orange bubbles on their tails.

Behavior Edit

Molts will patrol along whatever wall they are on, and attempt to spit fire at Otus when he gets too close. Their faces are armored, but they can be attacked on their backs. They can also be defeated with water.

Instruction Manual Entry Edit

Comfortable wherever it is warm, the molt has an impenetrable shield covering its face, and will attack any foes it detects with a dangerous fire breath. If touched by the flames, try spinning or dropping into water to put the fire out. Molts have a soft spot on the back that can be struck, but their greatest weakness is water. If exposed, their magma-like bodies will be cooled down, turning to stone. Because of this, Molts mostly stay away from wet areas, unless migrating through for warmer lands.[1]

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References Edit

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