Spikeballs are enemies in Owlboy. They can first be found in Tropos, and can be found in various places throughout the game.

Appearance Edit

Spikeballs are round, yellow, and covered in painful-looking spikes. They have two distinct upper and lower halves, with a gap in the middle that shows a purple eye.

Behavior Edit

Spikeballs have set paths they travel along in short bursts, in circles or in straight lines. They are mostly invulnerable, but can be defeated by explosions, such as from Steambombs.

Instruction Manual Entry Edit

These floating orbs have been puzzling adventurers for centuries. Despite being nearly completely hollow, allowing them to float with internal gas, they are remarkably sturdy and seem to move in patterns, almost as if instructed.[1]


  • Spikeballs are one of several enemies in the game whose sprites are stored as separate pieces instead of whole creatures.

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References Edit

  1. The Owlboy Instruction Manual
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