Trinkets are items you can earn by collecting Buccanary Coins and visiting the Legendary Adventure Emporium. Some will increase your maximum health points, some will buff your party members, and some will just give you the option of wearing a really cool hat. Collecting all the trinkets up through the Fire Drive will earn you the Trinket Master achievement, and collecting the Spectre Cloak will earn you the Trinket Grand Master achievement.

 List of Trinkets Edit

  • Cool Canteen - Filled with soup! Increases your maximum health!
    • Cost: Free
    • Effect: Increased maximum health.
  • Dorky Hat - A dorky hat. So useless!
    • Cost: 500 BC
    • Effect: Can wear a hat just like Geddy's, until you get hit.
  • Nice Canteen - It's so nice! Increases your maximum health!
    • Cost: 750 BC
    • Effect: Increased maximum health.
  • Gallant Hat - For the most gallant! So stylish!
    • Cost: 1000 BC
    • Effect: Can wear a hat just like Alphonse's, until you get hit.
  • Great Canteen - The greatest canteen! Increases your health! WOW!
    • Cost: 1250 BC
    • Effect: Increases your maximum health.
  • Scope - Attachable blaster unit. For maximum range!
    • Cost: 1500 BC
    • Effect: Increases the range of Geddy's blaster.
  • Wollen (sp) Hat - It's a head cozy!
    • Cost: 1750 BC
    • Effect: Can wear a hat just like Twig's, until you get hit.
  • Fire Drive - Attachable musket unit. For maximum fire!
    • Cost: 2000 BC
    • Effect: Increases the damage of Alphonse's musket.
  • Spectre Cloak - Glitters of the night!
    • Cost: ???
    • Effect: Increased flight speed, and increased radius of spin and roll attacks.


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